A boy traveled from the countryside to Tokyo on a night bus to Tokyo, the capital of flowers.

Aim for the back streets of Harajuku, "Ura-Harajuku"! !
I was fascinated by the charisma I admired, caught their transmission with my whole body,
Enthusiasm for one-by-one products! !
What's cool? What is creation? What is culture! ?
I really learned a lot.

One thing I was sure of was that they were undeniably real!
at the timeKIDSReal and genuine real clothes for us.


Time passes and the boy becomes an adult...
Acquire skills and know-how that are comparable to the charisma of those days

To explode love for fashion and respect for culture
Legendary brand "NEUTRAL Buzz Reaction] to start.

Late blooming is fine, crazy blooming is fine,
Aim for the real thing! And creating "completely new value"...

Yes, one step ahead of real clothes!