NEUTRAL Buzz Reaction~ What is the thought behind the brand name ~


I want to remain neutral at all times. A flexible mind and a healthy body that can move right or left, up or down, forward or backward. .



Is there any meaning in buzzing!? ? It's a tough question, but I think it does. Why? Because I think it's the value of gratitude, how much can I be humbly and sincerely grateful to all of you? How much do you love fashion and culture? I'm honestly competing there! When that effort is rewarded and everyone appreciates and loves it, when it appears as a result,Buzz' will happen.


One truth about fashion brands is that we, the creators, are not enough. Rather than being selfish, we understand that good products are born only because of the reactions of everyone who receives them, and we are thoroughly particular and sincerely face creation. Everything is from the customer "Reaction"for!